Gresshoppene har ingen konge

Gresshoppene har ingen konge [The Locusts Have No King] is a magazine published at irregular intervals in various magazines.

Editor: Jørn H. Sværen


Issue 1, 8 pages, included in Vagant 1/2020, with texts by Anne-Marie Albiach (trans. Helena Eriksson) and Gunnar Berge

Issue 2, 4 pages, included in Bokvennen Litterær Avis 11–12/202, with images by SentralkomitĂ©en

Issue 3, 14 pages, included in Vagant 2–3/2020 — in preparation

Issue 4, 10 pages, included in Prosopopeia 3–4/2020 — in preparation

Issue 5 — in preparation

Issue 6 — in preparation

Issue 7 — in preparation

Issue 8 — in preparation

Some issues will be published on this web page one year after publication in print.